Hardcore War, Raw Hardcore

Verse 1:

Hardcore, the war
In Iraq, soldiers coming back
twisted and mangled
bloodied and tangled
heads in scarfs
legs torn apart
Blown by missiles
IED's and pistols
I mean the sickle
of death isn't far
on the battlefield
Scars from shattered shields
Battered faces
tattered clothes
Tasteless food
The mood is gray
love turns to hate
Wives and families displaced
Children looking for a place
to call their home
while their parents are gone
Unable to phone, all alone
Still they trudge, marching along
Not holding a grudge, what love
for a country whose government led them corrupt
On a path to self-destruct
I just hope I can interrupt and:

/Whisper words of wisdom/

War is hardcore, War is pain
War is hardcore, War is pain
War is damn sore from all those slain

War is hardcore, War is pain
War is hardcore, War is pain
War is damn sore from all those slain

Hardcore, the one hundred thousand Iraqi dead
Hardcore, the two-thousand three hundred US dead
Hardcore, the average Iraqi citizen who goes unfed
Hardcore, the terrorist whose religion is misled


Whisper words of wisdom
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be

Verse 2:

Let it be, peace
Let them not be deceased
Let the wars become obsolete
Let those dead rest in peace
Let our soldiers come back in one piece
Let cannabis be legal, pass around some keef
Let the civil wars in Africa decrease
Let's embrace the Chinese
but Let Tibet be free
Let our country bring the peace
Let the US truly be free
Let harmless pot-smokers go free
Decreasing the diseases
Poverty leaving, sharing the good seasons
Is that not the highest value of human reason?

War is hardcore, War is pain
War is hardcore, War is pain
War is damn sore from all those slain

War is hardcore, War is pain
War is hardcore, War is pain
War is damn sore from all those slain


Love Lost, Lost Love

I thought you were
The one
So I laid my last card down
Said Uno
But you know
Even though
We were a duo
It ended up a no go
You chose
To send me for a loophole
Like our unwritten bond
Was a law to forgo
I thought maybe only a furlough
And in time maybe
We'd be on the 
Bandwagon again, Wells Fargo
But banks get robbed of gold
Shutdown and foreclose
Lose your whole fortune in one go
Fortunes once was told as a rose
Four tunes which choruses all go
Something similar to crying doves
Screeching strings singing blues
On my computer screen
Asking what the hell is wrong

I thought I found my righteous one
But she said I was arrogant
And ever since her words have been
Like an arrow in my chest
Hem locked into slow death
Soon to row down the river Styx
From the Mountain I went
Downhill from the city I loved when
Everything was less scandalous
Before bitterness left us stranded
Wolf running me into hell's pit
Still I bide my time with my guide
Walking through its circumference
Confirm my love for her is
Spheres, X plane Y Z-Girl is for real
As I push-kick grinding on rails
Hoping it all comes to a veil
Like hiding Oz is real
But instead it all came to veal
So short lived and now I mill
Like grinding my wheels

Turning powder from my tears
Turning flowers into tears
As petals mimic our end
Lout us in sedation
On this lonely island
From this foul wind
Castaway talking to the hand imprint
My only friend on this forsaken sand
Just me and Wilson
Feeling like Ryan and Wilfred
A psychological misfit
Breaking bad, but it will end
Paying off my mistreatment
By using my heart less
'Til I'm heartless

In the Valley of Queens, Pyramid Dreams

Poems drawn from an urn
Full of ashes birthing the burning
Wings of the phoenix
As my pen beams this
Tragic comedy on screens it
Shows the contradictions
In the waking moments
Of my awakening moment
On this play of life I stage
Like robberies of Pharaohs' grave
I brave the course of curses
Recursive like pyramid schemes
In my daydreams of cream
My imperative is a narrative
Of my explorative adventures
Through the sunken pits of
Los Angeles trying to layup
A shot in the paint
So I don't faint, fail, and kill myself
I need wealth
That's my lifeline
So I must make mine
That's why I keep on writing lines
In my diary of enlightening rhymes


What good is polyamory / when you have a soulmate? / mi amor, / I wouldn't risk that for you / nah, I wouldn't risk being blue / nah, I wouldn't fuck up my dreams / just to see a new set of boobs / they trying to trap me, obscene / I just want you, my best mate / more than destiny or fate / this is amazing trust me we can create / love eternal like we are the creator / but I do believe in us / not so much because / we're angels but 'cause / we're fallen / bonding at our positive cores / while negative world / experiences made us stable / even though we think we're unable / two vixens on a mission / l'etat c'est nous / the commission / us two 

Fleeting Soul

Are you still down?
You write with a frown.
You seem about to drown,
In tears, my fears bound
To leers I feel around town
A trans woman sounds
Like attention seeking whores
Don't mention the freak in stores
Notice the tension peaking, forced in
this tough skin but it's leaking sores
Bleeding rough in pens inking scores
Of pain forged in the fires of courage
My reign is the desire to scourge
The beast of prejudice
My pride keeps my head just
So I see straight through corrupt
Souls that pray to bigoted gods
Hiding behind the biggest lies
Ever told to cover their hatred
For my existence
Insistence that I'm a hell spawn
But I shall yawn at their persistence
In their hateful rhetoric
I'm grateful and I'm better than
Their transphobic bullshit

My Angel

Thought we'd live in our world
Forever, now it seems far away as I unfurl
the note and read the words
"I've decided to fly south with the birds
Sorry to leave you, 
but I have to find my place
Times have changed. 
I can't keep up pace.
Wish I could stay, but I feel
I would hold us back 
and our dreams, nil
I'll leave you my charm of love
I know it does
Leave a hole in your heart
Can't tell you why I had to depart
but remember me as you laugh, as you cry
Life will sing sweetly as long as you tie
All your fears, keep focused on life
Sucking in the sky, never thinkin' twice
LIVE never give up, promise we'll meet again
Love you, wish you happiness, no pain
After reading what she'd written, 
put the note back in pocket
Thinking of her as I tuck in 
her charm and locket

I Love you, looking into the skies
Lookin down I see your eyes
My Angel
My Angel

I Love you, looking into the skies
Lookin down I see your eyes
My Angel
My Angel

Walking in the city focusin
tryin to find her in the center square
Decipherin' the letter to infer
Where to look for her glowing hair
Whole seasons searchin to find Sarah
Running across the globe looking harder
Trying to keep up with disappearin' mirrors
She's a magician keeping me farther
keepin me away like sweat from a fan
it's like she vaporises in thin air once again
In the clinic I see a glimmer of her face
Start to run towards her shimmer and grace
but as I grasp her shoulders to embrace
She pushes me, shouting keep away from this place
I stumble after her but she starts to fly
I find a bench, sit, wonderin why
Soon a man joins, answers my silent question
Sarah has a serious infection
running to keep her lover pure
She came to find a cure 
but no matter where she searched
she was still impure

I Love you, looking into the skies
Lookin down I see your eyes
My Angel
My Angel

I Love you, looking into the skies
Lookin down I see your eyes
My Angel
My Angel

Spray Paint and Ink Pens

I use spraypaint and ink pens to write in every color I think in
Writing the picture out with the most magnificent description
Scribing to depict a scene with a bunch of kids playing
a game of ball, kickin' it around just to have fun
the grass dry, the sun torching them, but they laugh having fun
Then the guns coming ringing past them and blood splatters the ground
The militia comes marching in to kidnap and pillage and pound the town
They run for shelter while the town is all over helter skelter
Rape and kill is all that is on the soldiers bloodthirsty minds they pelt her
Kill the boy, shoot his head off, their eyes red from the amphetamine and cocaine
Boots stomping through the muddy roads setting the place aflame
A 14 year old in the army brain driven insane by all the pain
he's seen through the jungles of Columbia for the leaves to fuel the political campaign
Democracy of the killing, who is there to vote when no one exists
in the country that they lived, kids shooting kids, with no life to live
taken from their parents at an early age to fight for a dream in which they don't believe
And we finance them from our own American taxes
'Cause our government really don't give a shit, they use the wars as taxis
to push a corporate agenda through the axis of the powers of factions
that use our inaction to fuel their passion for destroying the world we keep trashing.


Staleness is my affliction
I hate staying conflicted
Failure is irrelevant to the irreverent
So I channel my arrogance
Shoot an arrow through I can't
'Cause we can and I am leading
The revolution through words which are bleeding
Out the spirit of this Sage's alembic
My essence's presence is extreme, it
Is all due to God

Oh Lawd, I gotta go harder
Oh Lawd, I got ya kick starter
Projecting creativity in projects
Brushing pastels on paintings
Past tells me I'm tainted
Christ tells me I'm saintly
Suffice to say His prophet
Has given me a life of profit

He's how I've survived fires
Fresh from out the frying pan
In Earth's Hell kitchen
God's will spells the details on
Making this rest we're on
Turn a profit like I am
Owner in need of direction
And you are Gordon Ramsey
Brought on to revamp things

So for real, I adore my
God, His will adorned by
My soul clothed, God's robe
Wraps this fervent belief
Of spiritual conjecture
In a cloak of faith I'm for sure
Is derived from nature.
I've arrived at this pasture
Quarter of a way of a parasang
Passed in my life's journey.

In prayer I sang,

"I'm akin to Rumi,
I'm a dervish whirling
All to praise the higher Being.
Parroting His love for Humanity
Speaking vicariously
Through action.
Question, 'Can ya hear us?'
'Cause I talked to our herder
'Bout the time of our slaughter

And He said,"

"Don't worry 'bout the thought of
No man knows the time of
Day the sun comes up out the
West and judgement is upon us
So you just keep preparing
Because you're just a sojourner
On this road to heaven
Truth, gave you books to study
Get hooked on prophets
Follow them to cop a profit
Throw up deuces to ya past
And just wave at tomorrow
And say,
'Hey, Hello… Hey, Hello
Yes, yeah,
Hey, Hello… Hey, Hello'"


But can you look before you judge?
I mean look deeper, see more then judge…
Do you even see the hunger creeping across my face?
Eyes which sag from sleepless nights?
Fighting to stay alive in my lonely life.
Brain ravaged as a savage razing Rome
As I home in on zoning a home
From the clay and stone I quarry.
Enquiry before you enter your query of me:
Condescending temperament?
Unworthy of attention?
Ungodly addictions which tamper her?
Interfering with her ascension into Jannah?
Clipping her wings before she can enter?
She has no right to be with us!
She's so absorbed in the inner circles of the inferno.

But wait!!!!

I wanna be free
Of the chains which reign
These inner demons to frame
Feeding them with pain
Gained from leaking angst
Captured in seeping tank
As production cranks
Like Chernobyl
Critical mass readies explosive
Reactor to overreact to
Slights enacted at ego
Still my sights track to She who
Lights path of righteous
Her might which is
Enough to pick me up
Light enough to christen
Me Her carbon crystal
Risen me to her right hand
In righteous judgement
Though I am less than no woman
She has no question
Of my world worth in
This pearl I was birthed in
I love you, Eutychia

Cold Winter Rosé

Lonely I sit, my eyes fraught with
Misty tears, wept solemnly dripped
From eyelids, kept so dourly stripped
Of any happiness, void its pith
Of dreamt romance, supple and lithe.

Whispers I wish would whisk me away…
Are nay, but wisps which whisk away…
Any wistful wish which would wander
Of a woman wooed by wonder
Of my wit which whips as if waves…

How long are forgotten past days,
Which fade in shades of bluish grey?
Tinting my last rose holding hope,
On nightstand where lone glass jar lays?
Encasing all my dreams – I pray,
"Gift me, this beast, a Rose to hold!"