Stop pressuring me
You make me wanna scream
With how you keep fucking with me
Pushing me to the extreme

I keep taking shots of Bacardi
151, proof of all my pain
Just to feel like the life of the party
One mojito is like dope in vein

Keep my mind away from my sorrow
One step closer, one breath harder
To breathe I feel I have to borrow
Time before I'm a discarder

Throw my cards in the ocean
I don't need the zodiac
To tell me my fucked emotion
Or how I'm an insomniac

Stay awake to hide my nightmare
I watch everything underneath my skin
When it writhes with despair
Paranoia is pareidolia roaming like a bedouin

Faces in the sand that brand me insane
Dame that can't stop hearing failure within
My self righteous suicide is bottles of champagne
Drank to a stupor so I hear death's violin

Screeching sweetly in my ears
Singing sirens, stringing my senses
Saliently entrancing my tears
Sweetly voiding all my pretenses

Only a fool loves this life
Give up the ghost
Only a fool loves life
Give up your ghost
And marry death
Marry me, death


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