Guess who's back
Cracking through the concrete
A rose with scars I speak
Arose from the ashes I spark
Flames in my eternal wings
Stream of consciousness
I'm a transgender woman
Losing the chains of my cisness
Sister of the heart goddess (Valentina)
Though I'm the heart of Tyche
I pray my fortune is righteous
I grew from the concrete just
Be amazed at the growth
I've achieved in my approach
To the sun, I arose a rose
Can I live? Can I live?
My pain, I wish it was quick to see
In my past life I tried caine to keep
My brain on perma freeze
Because these sick thoughts
Spun me outta control in the rain
Like a Lexus hydroplaning
Driven wrong and sure to hurt us
Explaining these things
Seems inane but I digress cuz
I'm still wrestling with my depression
Trying to laugh hard with my squad
Temporarily escaping the poverty
Of society's depiction of trans identity

So check the rebirth of the shut-(in)
Put in the proof all 151
let the rum
shut me down
Then restart the system

Passive aggressive phoenix
Rebirthing from the ashes
A rehash of the classic
In a tacit riot I crushed the mirrors
Of my past self for the clearer
image of myself as I reforge
My message before
I'm shored up on the beach
So sure enough let me release
The face to replace the mask
Broken in the grace of the sun
Showing Lady Lovelace the moon
Symbol of femininity, I swoon
'Cuz Alice is soon to know the one
She saw on the inside that little girl
With a fresh look like contacts
Colour changing my outlook
Contracting me, new to the world
I rise in the pearl
to rekindle my life
Shelf the erratic memories
imprinted to remind me
of the things I've done
words that hung
friends and relationships
strung out in nasty shit
Now I've cleaned up my streak
But the face isn't brand new
Wish some of you I could meet anew
But this is the dues I pay for being late
on the return; my karma, my fate
Estrogen healing the scars made
Estrogen healing the scars made
I'm just a little girl from the ghetto
Healing the poison of despair, I grow
Healing the poison a rose, I grow
I'm just a little girl from the ghetto to grow
Extend your arms for a half hour
Hold me til I'm no longer cold
Extend your arms and hold me
Til I'm no longer cold
Til these scars heal and a rose grows
Til I awake the girl I know
Til I awake the girl inside I k


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