Every setback I take in stride
Shovel back down my neck my pride
Friends say snap back you tried
Keep pressing, tack-le and ride
But failures tack on paranoia
Now I'm hearing demon pairs of horror
Voices blaring as pareidolia takes hold of
My mental seeing faces of failure all over
As my pencil slants scribing ill I see
Peeling the mad lib I live
Adjective of dejection reflecting rejection
Injection lethally depression my central nervousness
Projection leaving my system in disorderedness
Conversion eating seeds as my pastime in silentness
Toxicity developing leaks in my passing smiling vest
Viscosity of leaking red rum staining my smoking chest
Prodigy seeking sun's light into his man heart
Setbacks attack me til I ask, "This Can't Be Life?"
"This Can't Be Life?"


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