Promises told of wealth and sex
Mesmerised my eyes 
Away from facts that held sway
Over my morals
Falling for the mortal
Grasping to get these morsels 
Engaging my emotion
To force hands in motion
My self-centred evil
Of selfish gain
As my morals
In pursuit of game
For a morsel
Of loot, I change;
Demented and cemented
In loss for floss
Trying to elevate
As I depreciate
I invigorate 
My inner demons
Seething as I breathe in
This air of toxicity
Leaving my base
In tune with the bass
Sawing my life like a
Horror picture perfect
Into a fork of sin
My oxygen
Is sarin gas
In concentration
Like Alcatraz 
As I am passively
Falling rapidly
Into a mushed rice patty
Malnourished, passively  
Starving in a field of grain
Choking on dying vine in vain
Suffocating as I fill life with pain


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