I'm so dismissive of her personality
Personally I see myself independent
From the future she experiments in vitro
But in vivo those Petri dishes are misfit
Which incubate orchestrated destructive hate
On substrates of lust, photosynthesising love  
'Cause even as our hips thrust, we fuss, argue, yell,


Ha! Our bittersweet romance danced on two left feet
Waltz to tune boomed from Lucifer's golden fiddle
Our love riddled with booby traps that I clasp on
grasp on, fondle on; as you molest my feelings
With lust disguised as love you're beguiling Ms Trust
Defiling our monogamous relationship
Insidious bitterness surface to teardrops
So I'll just leave us torn apart, broken hearted
Recalled your heart like cheap, imported Lead-on Toy
Return to Sender: You can scrape off the poison


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