Trying to keep the peace / of my mind, yet it's sinking 
like its knee deep / in lines of cocaine 
end times of my dope brain / are getting closer 
as I stroke / ink blots 
to unclot / hope from hearts 
and wipe the crying / tears
from the eyes of the little / guys 
Who fear the guns / of the humvees
D-D-Dumping brass / into their families
Lions of the desert / brought by the lying 
of governments / wrought iron
depriving them / of childhoods 
In designed wars / of ill blood

In search of / free speech
I ran (Iran) to Allah / me seeking
A rack (Iraq) full of / empty guns
As I sit and turn / over my thoughts
Close my eyes / to eye God
Hoping / I'm not blind
Blimey, / I wish the / Arab spring
Could bring / free thinking
But maybe / I'm too naive
'cause I only see / the good in things
the dream / from the night(mare)
Brushing / the night terror(ists)
Hoping / it gets better in this / World 
'Cause we all inhabit this / pearl


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