I apologise
I often cast my eyes 
down at you
all the times that you 
wanted the best for me 
but I needed to be set free 
I needed you to see me 
for me, my inner me 
seemed like your enemy 
I felt trapped and
I couldn't breathe 
I couldn't tap in 
to connect with you 
you feel like you're losing a son 
I feel like I'm losing sun 
hiding in the shadows 
in plain sight 
hiding pain in light 
but you saw the windows 
to my soul were clouded 
I swear that day I cried
I had to spend life shrouded
In this mystery, I tried
To make you proud
But it felt contrived
Because my smiles were faked
Take this as my apologies 
For all the mistakes
The apathy, apparently 
I damaged a parent fully
Sorry for the shame
I know I am shamefully 
Telling my truth shamelessly 
I love the authentic me
I hope you can finally see
Me for me
The girl I am
Yeah transition is hard
But all in all I am
Happy at last, my cards
Looking right in my life
At long last I feel right
At long last I feel bright
My incandescence 
Radiates transcendence 
I am transgender 
So I apologise 
For the downcast eyes
I apologise


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