I thought you were
The one
So I laid my last card down
Said Uno
But you know
Even though
We were a duo
It ended up a no go
You chose
To send me for a loophole
Like our unwritten bond
Was a law to forgo
I thought maybe only a furlough
And in time maybe
We'd be on the 
Bandwagon again, Wells Fargo
But banks get robbed of gold
Shutdown and foreclose
Lose your whole fortune in one go
Fortunes once was told as a rose
Four tunes which choruses all go
Something similar to crying doves
Screeching strings singing blues
On my computer screen
Asking what the hell is wrong

I thought I found my righteous one
But she said I was arrogant
And ever since her words have been
Like an arrow in my chest
Hem locked into slow death
Soon to row down the river Styx
From the Mountain I went
Downhill from the city I loved when
Everything was less scandalous
Before bitterness left us stranded
Wolf running me into hell's pit
Still I bide my time with my guide
Walking through its circumference
Confirm my love for her is
Spheres, X plane Y Z-Girl is for real
As I push-kick grinding on rails
Hoping it all comes to a veil
Like hiding Oz is real
But instead it all came to veal
So short lived and now I mill
Like grinding my wheels

Turning powder from my tears
Turning flowers into tears
As petals mimic our end
Lout us in sedation
On this lonely island
From this foul wind
Castaway talking to the hand imprint
My only friend on this forsaken sand
Just me and Wilson
Feeling like Ryan and Wilfred
A psychological misfit
Breaking bad, but it will end
Paying off my mistreatment
By using my heart less
'Til I'm heartless


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