I use spraypaint and ink pens to write in every color I think in
Writing the picture out with the most magnificent description
Scribing to depict a scene with a bunch of kids playing
a game of ball, kickin' it around just to have fun
the grass dry, the sun torching them, but they laugh having fun
Then the guns coming ringing past them and blood splatters the ground
The militia comes marching in to kidnap and pillage and pound the town
They run for shelter while the town is all over helter skelter
Rape and kill is all that is on the soldiers bloodthirsty minds they pelt her
Kill the boy, shoot his head off, their eyes red from the amphetamine and cocaine
Boots stomping through the muddy roads setting the place aflame
A 14 year old in the army brain driven insane by all the pain
he's seen through the jungles of Columbia for the leaves to fuel the political campaign
Democracy of the killing, who is there to vote when no one exists
in the country that they lived, kids shooting kids, with no life to live
taken from their parents at an early age to fight for a dream in which they don't believe
And we finance them from our own American taxes
'Cause our government really don't give a shit, they use the wars as taxis
to push a corporate agenda through the axis of the powers of factions
that use our inaction to fuel their passion for destroying the world we keep trashing.


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