Staleness is my affliction
I hate staying conflicted
Failure is irrelevant to the irreverent
So I channel my arrogance
Shoot an arrow through I can't
'Cause we can and I am leading
The revolution through words which are bleeding
Out the spirit of this Sage's alembic
My essence's presence is extreme, it
Is all due to God

Oh Lawd, I gotta go harder
Oh Lawd, I got ya kick starter
Projecting creativity in projects
Brushing pastels on paintings
Past tells me I'm tainted
Christ tells me I'm saintly
Suffice to say His prophet
Has given me a life of profit

He's how I've survived fires
Fresh from out the frying pan
In Earth's Hell kitchen
God's will spells the details on
Making this rest we're on
Turn a profit like I am
Owner in need of direction
And you are Gordon Ramsey
Brought on to revamp things

So for real, I adore my
God, His will adorned by
My soul clothed, God's robe
Wraps this fervent belief
Of spiritual conjecture
In a cloak of faith I'm for sure
Is derived from nature.
I've arrived at this pasture
Quarter of a way of a parasang
Passed in my life's journey.

In prayer I sang,

"I'm akin to Rumi,
I'm a dervish whirling
All to praise the higher Being.
Parroting His love for Humanity
Speaking vicariously
Through action.
Question, 'Can ya hear us?'
'Cause I talked to our herder
'Bout the time of our slaughter

And He said,"

"Don't worry 'bout the thought of
No man knows the time of
Day the sun comes up out the
West and judgement is upon us
So you just keep preparing
Because you're just a sojourner
On this road to heaven
Truth, gave you books to study
Get hooked on prophets
Follow them to cop a profit
Throw up deuces to ya past
And just wave at tomorrow
And say,
'Hey, Hello… Hey, Hello
Yes, yeah,
Hey, Hello… Hey, Hello'"


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