But can you look before you judge?
I mean look deeper, see more then judge…
Do you even see the hunger creeping across my face?
Eyes which sag from sleepless nights?
Fighting to stay alive in my lonely life.
Brain ravaged as a savage razing Rome
As I home in on zoning a home
From the clay and stone I quarry.
Enquiry before you enter your query of me:
Condescending temperament?
Unworthy of attention?
Ungodly addictions which tamper her?
Interfering with her ascension into Jannah?
Clipping her wings before she can enter?
She has no right to be with us!
She's so absorbed in the inner circles of the inferno.

But wait!!!!

I wanna be free
Of the chains which reign
These inner demons to frame
Feeding them with pain
Gained from leaking angst
Captured in seeping tank
As production cranks
Like Chernobyl
Critical mass readies explosive
Reactor to overreact to
Slights enacted at ego
Still my sights track to She who
Lights path of righteous
Her might which is
Enough to pick me up
Light enough to christen
Me Her carbon crystal
Risen me to her right hand
In righteous judgement
Though I am less than no woman
She has no question
Of my world worth in
This pearl I was birthed in
I love you, Eutychia


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