For every step I make
Take two back
Two to instate my about face
Time I take to create
Magic, mystical in provocation
As I invoke rhyme
In time with the bars
I make to give space
To these breaks
In my hard knocks
So tight like knots
In braids in trois
In frost I figure the costs
Of my poor status
Core of my crash test
Dummy that money
I'm after in draft of
to stack it to the rafters
Every decision is product of
So invest I must
Like a corduroy sweater
Have us toasty in the winter
A winner must have the mindset of
Corporate industrious
Choking out profits out of the gutter
this intestinal fortitude is beatitude of hard worker
So just go with the backer
Cause two steps rear
Is me rearing into gear
In sheer wind
About to hit the overture
Straight to last procession into wealth
With a head on the anterior
Never ant or inferior
A setback is just a chance
To get back and smash
Like super, melee, brawl
Never crawl just sprawl
Out on the lawn of Earth
For all I'm worth!


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