Looking from the top
No wonder why I see rocks
At the bottom of my quarry
Too many worry to be happy
This toil, it's funny how it's crappy
All this work put in to stay scrappy
More freedom is more expenses
Expansive of the prison
Of high standards I live in
Giving in to lust of luxury
Banding me like the jewellery
I wrap my left wrist with
Watching time pass quick
As I take this fast pace risk
Kiss danger as I frisk gold, ever bold 
As piss poor decisions mould
My frame of reference
Giving flame of hell deference
As I spurn everlasting
For crowns I'm amassing
In this tangible world of passing
Filling my mandible with whorish passion
Gnashing more than I can chew on
'Cause poorness pulls on
My angel wings like angler's strings
Reeling me into boat that rows
Lost souls down the River Styx to Sheol
Delivering my lost soul to the abyss
'Cause my lust for gold like Midas
Stones all I love in this life of sin


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