My stomach is so empty
Food box is so in need
Of foodstuffs to keep me
From stuffing you like a turkey
Cause rumbling in my tummy
Got me rushing to the old me
Back to pushing the o-z
Back to pulling the .40
Back to fuck you, pay me
Back to what? Life is crazy
Only God can judge me
I'm hungry, you can't begrudge me
For bluntly saying I want grub to eat
Cause in the land of the free
Steady feet will succeed
If I keep set on new scheme
Seek technique to improve aim
Peep da Vinci NAL as I code game
In pictures painted with words
Depicting canvas coloured
With shades of faded grey
Blurred by concave beige
Where bread congregates
Right above the waist
That's wasting away
In pastels of red Chardonnay
Blushing hard from shards on the face
Of a heart marred by shattering
Splattered blue cauterising wounds
Left from a former doom
That looms left in a corner
That's unseen unless you zoom
Past head teaming countless tomes
Connecting green thread to spinal bones
Twisted into double helix lined in poems
Defined by dull blue hues leaked in zones
Inked into couplets glued by oil sleek black
Alphabet calligraphed coil leaks wrath
Writhing silvered lined shivers sweep his back
Yet she still stands erect in her derelict state
Eyes electrified with vibrant violet
Splitting sees in front he like Poseidon's Trident
Poise inside her keeps stance strident
Even as hunger pangs pain her brain
Keeps on praying things will change
Like a bird of fire rising from ash
In pillar of chaff crisped in a flash


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