This life is forever, this life is harsh
My mind reels, my head gets hotter than a fever, wetter than a marsh
I have to squash the thoughts of suicide

I'm stuck in this life forever
The more things change, the more they stay the same

I keep having to rewrite the way I play the game
My thoughts are like heroin and cocaine, moving quick and addictive
Keep walking down the street think of the ways the sun is manipulative
The day shines bright, if it hits a diamond, the rock starts to shine
but get too close, the light burns like California pine.
You keep telling me things will get better, but things just stay the same
that's why I keep moving quicker than fiends for dopamine

My spirits and thoughts shall never be tamed
I think like dealers of heroin and cocaine

My main theme is to be the best at whatever that I can affect 
So if you ask me the effects of my report of life
I can tell you the shots of the strife of the hardcore situations
in the night of the city, in its corridors, my frustrations
are because of the pain of not having commissary
or commission, so my mission is to be a money missionary
Screw the state, I am united states of power
Me meeting and securing wealth

This life moves forever, if you get lost you may end up addicted to it like heroin and cocaine.
So screw it, let me grab my diploma, degrees' of life's pain.
Allure keeps me here to try my hand, if it sucks, change the cards
I am an adamant rock, I'm hard, harder than the diamonds on your engagement rings
Here is my hustle, put words in complex strings
Speak them in a rhythm in front of a sequence of music.

This life is forever, suicide is not an option for someone with true swagger
I'll make sure I'll box life, before I ever switch the edge of the dagger.
But I guess I've already boxed my life. (Haha)
I move the poetry out, better than Coke in the south
now just watch how the money grows in my pouch.

This life is forever, move quick before you end up in ditches
starving in the streets left to bitches.
Move quick like those on amphetamine, but react slow like those on morphine
You're stuck in this life is forever, but you have to think quick in this game
before you end up getting addicted to heroin and cocaine


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