When I used to sniff cocaine
Chasing after a drip my insane
Brain feigning No More Pain
But never say never
I'm a rat keep pulling that lever
Forsake food rations
My rationality is my mood swings
Like jazz and I'm getting jazzed up
Singing the blues meaning
Numbing my thoughts about life
The strife I imagine is a knife
Slicing my throat at night
Looking for enlightenment
But entrapped within
This ballad is a ballast to my mental
To keep my heart referential
To intelligent art, evidential
Of a dour soul embracing primal
Instincts, getting my body in sync
With my gender identity I think
I got myself a gun in the form
Of oestrogen, spironolactone
Spare me your acidic tone
Body you with the feminine form
Femme fatale, Natalya born
From the ashes of the urn
Jean Grey, Fawkes
and the cosmic force
Under these cosmetics source
Of my eternal sunshine
In this spotless mind
So kindly fuck off, if you mind
I don't wanna hear your blind
Guided cishet, fuck that bullshit


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