Fell down a well awhile ago, Falling into my hell, my slighted ego. 

I write this to unfold folly of bold lies

I tell myself to fool myself into believing my bereavement is all in err. 

As I breathe in mouth full of tears

Unseen, yet welled inside my shell

Like a turtle isolating itself

From terrible prey in the world.

As I let go, pray tell I'll be okay. 

As I fail, wail and flail like a beached whale,

Dying in the same air I breathe in.

All I wish for is a nexus

To recharge my reflection,

Figure out my direction,

Learn my lesson in life

As strife stripes 

my face like war paint. 

Looking straight with raw sight

At the filth on world's hind side.

On the front of hell's block. 

My mind gets shellshocked 

As artillery shells rock

My dreams around the clock

Fighting for a well off tomorrow 

No more quarrels

As I reach for golden rings

Through well openings


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