I've rebounded so quickly from depression
What resounding music I hear from her impression

She left on my heart, so sweet and smart

A mint leaf, refreshing, I'm crushing gently.

Simply exquisite, I want to exhibit my interest

Uninhibited, I know it's not unrequited, I should invest

in time to spend with you, chill by the riverside

find how to keep you in suspense as I sit by your side

Splashing water in your face as you try to get me back

Dashing from place to place, dancing to a slow track

Times we'll have to skate, toasting limes to state

Our good life, not that it doesn't come with strife

But we know how to overcome the losers and reach for the light

We aren't cumbersome to each other, to others, they will think we are right

for one another, but beware of the haters, to them we'll both say "see ya later"

I'm placing a hand to extend half-way to your hand

Won't you meet me in the middle with your hand?

We can withstand the withering, hindering weather

Plus enjoy the sunny, blueberry sky, whether

we are together or apart, as long as I know I have your heart

I'll take you across the universe

Crossing the plains and whenever I traverse the skies

I'll look at tops of clouds and a pic of you will pop to my eyes

Sighs of love, cries of a dove, tearing to wish us well

I'll turn my back, make a wish, and toss my coin into the wishing well

I hope I can find her

Or maybe we already are.


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