Hey! Sit fiery soul let me tell you a story

About a gored ghastly ghoul struck by a lorry

Poor she turned into a banshee

After he hit her going one-ninety 

Down the expressway, what a grim reap

Death’s steed would be proud

How he ripped her apart pound by pound

Stuck her in his truck, continuing down

That long winding road to deliver his load
Brooding only about cash

Vrooming reckless and rash

Expecting not to crash

As he makes his mad dash

Over the overpass

One last hour before he was cached

And tossed into the water like ash

As a cascading bridge takes its last dying breath 

The suspension breaks and her remains drain into the lake
Luckily he escapes his fate through a window

But now he’s fifty years old and though this event happened twenty years ago

Her soul still haunts him, a daunting, taunting menace

He feels trapped in a cage of rage continuously striking his face as penance

Until he bleeds from the agony of his dastardly deed!!
All he sees is her blue eyes wide 

As he watches her slowly die

His pain lives on through broken windows

His slain woe spoken by crude night shows

Where he’s awoke by a terror

Her screaming maddening him in his sleep

Blood curdling as he silently weeps

Wetting his bed sheet as pain taints sleep

Creeping on him as a heartbeat 

So excruciating it seeps sanguine

Forever bereaving, sweet saturnine

Thoughts cut deep, sweet saturnine


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