I’ve been betrayed by those in authority / how am I not to question it? / how do I not think it’s illegitimate? / how is a minority of a minority / supposed to survive? / in a scanner darkly / I’ve been raped before, now I / am misanthropic / misandry / no apologies for the topic / I’m never gonna drop it / but how can I still embrace love? / my pessimistic / nature rises above / even if my present is shit / I’m optimistic / about the future / I’m listening for the overture / over there / over freedom’s bell / can’t you hear it ringing? / Martin Luther King and / I am still dreaming / of a better life / my consciousness streaming / like Tidal, I write / my life rife with strife / my plight / is my enlightenment / embrace the pain / let it melt me like acid rain / that’s my ego’s death / now witness the rebirth / flames from the dearth / wings from the burn / flying over the Earth / a phoenix from the urn 


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