Kill Theo

They'll never love you

You'll never be enough

Let's keep it real, Theo

Fuck Theo,

You left religion

How can we know if we can trust Theo?

You came out the closet

And They rejected your composite 

What the fuck, Theo?

Natalya? They ridicule you

They wanna get rid of you too

Pull the dress off you

Redress and misaddress you

Damn Theo, you kept it 100

And they hunted ya

Former friends want nothing to do with ya

Ever since you grew boobs

They wanna abuse you

Misuse your identity 

call you delusional, pity

You dead, they act shitty

Towards the reborn you

But you ain't the same 

You act sane, they think you're insane

Deadname you on purpose

You been discarded, called hormonal

Retarded, and abnormal

What's worse is

They wanna bury Natalya alive

Fuck Theo

You never had masculinity 

Take a look inside your eyes

See the glow of femininity 

Yeah right, Theo

Bro, don't call me that

Theo just go die peacefully 

Natalya needs room to breathe

You already told the truth

I know where that put you

Natalya too

But you have to let go 

That final part of you

Goodbye Theo

Rest in peace, Theo


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